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Reviews and Quotes -

Anne Simoni at Annenberg Theater - Feb. 2007
Presenter Testemonial
"Anne, It was terrific having you at the event on Saturday. From the Brazilian ballads to the samba beats, the crowd was really into your performance. Your second set, in particular, had people on their feet heating up the dance floor. Thank you"

Roy A. Wilbur - Associate Managing Director for Public Engagement at Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
University of Pennsylvania

Anne Simoni at Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival- July 2006
Presenter Testimonial
We were delighted to present Anne Simoni in 2006. Please forgive the sports metaphor, but she showed up on time, dressed up, and ready to play. And when you think about it, success doesn’t require any more than doing that. Anne Simoni interprets Brazilian music with passion and flair, and both of those qualities were in evidence in her performance here. I would highly recommend her to any presenter!”

Rick Bryant, Executive Director, Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

Anne Simoni at the Kimmel Center- Oct. 2005
Presenter Testimonial
“A fine introduction into the world of Brazilian music, Anne Simoni and her band performed a unique blend of music featuring traditional instrumentation like the cavaquinho and percussion including tantã, pandeiro, surdo, tamborim and repique. It was a wonderful evening of accessible and authentic Brazilian music! Thanks again, Anne!

Thomas T. Warner— Director of Programming, The Kimmel Center for The Performing Arts

Anne Simoni at Villa Nova University- Feb. 2005
Presenter Testimonial
“With a repertoire ranging from standards, to contemporary MPB, samba, bossa nova, and other exotic rhythms of Brazil, Anne Simoni is an extremely versatile performer possessing a distinct musical personality of range and depth.”

Peter Marino - Programming Director at Villanova University Concert Series

Anne Simoni at Kimmel Center - Nov. 2002
Presenter Testimonial
“Anne Simoni & Amor Tropical have performed at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts twice so far and they have not disappointed anyone. Their music-making is very professional, simultaneously fun, soothing, mesmerizing, and infectious enough that everyone began to dance in their seats (and some in the aisles). You could feel Simoni's Brazilian roots seeping through her voice. We will definitely bring them back.”

Thomas T. Warner - Programming Manager at The Kimmel Center for The Performing Arts