Anne Simoni’s New Album



1-Águas de Cambuquira – (Cambuquira’s Water)
A samba song about the Mineral Water Park in Cambuquira in the province of Minas Gerais, where you can drink the carbonated water straight from the spring. It has 5 different types of carbonated mineral water – gasosa, magnesiana, ferruginosa and sulfurosa. The song also describes the things you can do in this park.

2-Papagaio – (Parrot)
A baiao song, a rhythm from the Northeast of Brazil, where instruments like Zabumba, accordion and triangle, are used to create this unique sound. In this song the author humorously expresses her concern about a Brazilian parrot locked in a cage in the USA, destined to learn English rather then its native Portuguese.

3- Minas Terra – (Earth Minas)
A ballad infused with what some would call -music of Minas - characteristics. In this song, Anne talks about her sadness at having to leave her home state. It was written as a homage to the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

4- Back to Brazil
A Jazz/Bossa song where the author muses upon her return.

5- Espera – (Wait)
A romantic samba, all acoustic, describing scenes of a lonely and cold night and the longing and waiting for someone special.

6- Este Sentimento – (This Feeling)
A pop ballad where the author writes about the mixed feelings, including resistance, experienced when falling in love.

7- Unidos da Lavra – (United from Lavra)
A Samba-Enredo - a fast samba written for a Samba School in Lavra, a neighborhood in Anne Simoni’s hometown, for use during Carnaval; it is the song the group sings  as it parades through the city.  The samba is developed around a theme chosen by the school, this one being “O Mundo Encantado da Fantasia”.  Anne was asked by the school, Escola de Samba Unidos da Lavra, to write this samba-enredo for them. It has an instrumental break in the middle and end of the song where the batucada (percussion and rhythm section) and vocals are highlighted.

8- Longe de Mim – (Far from me)
A romantic ballad about the anguish of being far from the person you love.

9- Samba da Preguiça (Lazy Samba)
A humorous samba in which the author questions the procrastination that can overcome a person when she least expects it-- sometimes delaying decisions one has to make and projects one has to finish.

10- Retrato da Cidade – (Picture of the City)
A pop ballad about the harsh reality of the life in a big city, where the author indignantly talks about violence and impunity.

11- Choose to Believe
A pop song with R&B influences featuring Anne Simoni’s band musicians.



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